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Funding available

The schemes listed below are available for Funding. Click on the 'More information' button to see what is required to apply for that scheme.


New childminders who have registered with Ofsted or a childminder agency (CMA) on or after 15 March 2023 may apply for a childminder start-up grant. Applicants may receive only one grant under this scheme.

Childminders must:
• work in England
• provide their unique childminder registration number
• provide their registration date.

Eligible applicants must be either:
- registered as a childminder for the first time
- previously registered as a childminder, but de-registered for at least 12 months before their current registration

The following types of childcare registration are not eligible for this scheme:
• Pre-schools and playgroups
• Day Nurseries
• Breakfast and afterschool clubs
• Nursery schools/classes
• Children's centres
• Holiday schemes
• Creches
• Nannies and au pairs
• CODP (Childcare on domestic premises)

Ofsted registrations

Applicants registered with Ofsted must be listed as a childminder on the early years register or the general childcare register (compulsory or voluntary).

Childminder agency (CMA) registrations

Childminders with a CMA must have completed the registration process to be eligible for the first payment of £600.

To receive a second payment of £600, CMA-registered childminders must have taken on their first child within 6 months of their registration date. CMAs will automatically notify the scheme when applicants become eligible for the second payment.

Applicants who have had to delay taking on their first child past six months, for example due to maternity or paternity leave, should make their CMA aware of the reason, and the date that they do take on their first child, as they may still be eligible for a second payment.


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